Our next public training course is:

Introduction to agile.

One day course providing a taster of working in an agile way.

From the outset, candidates will be trained and coached in working in an agile way. The day is fast-past and fun, comprising a mix of theory and techniques with lots of discussion and activities.

Further details and tickets can be found on eventbrite.

 Wed 9 August 2017

Showroom Workstation

15 Paternoster Row

Sheffield Digital Campus


S1 2BX

Agile Awareness

Our agile awareness course is an introduction into agile.  It sets the context of what agile is and what it isn't.  It provides candidates with a sound footing on which to build their agile knowledge and skills.

The course overs:

  • agile myths
  • agile in context - understanding what is agile and what is not agile
  • the agile manifesto - the values and principles
  • an agile way of working
    • scrum-based approach
    • agile teams (incl.roles)
    • introducing the sprint
    • the product backlog and user stories
    • sprint planning - creating and managing the sprint backlog
    • tracking work through the sprint
    • the daily stand-up
    • user research
    • the retrospective
    • the show and tell
    • learn & iterate
    • agile process - developing a sprint rhythm
  • the right and wrong way to iterate
  • the right amount of agile
  • tools that can help
  • agile techniques

At the end of the course, candidates will be able to understand the fundamentals of agile, and would have learned enough to start using some fundamental agile techniques.

 For more information, please get in touch.

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